Title & Registration

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Intital Title and Registration

Obtaining the initial registration and title for a new vehicle or piece of equipment can be an involved and confusing process in many states.  ABS can professionally register and title your vehicle in all 50 states and 1400 jurisdictions to save you valuable time and numerous headaches.


Repo Titles


Financial institutions sometimes must take the extreme step of repossessing vehicles. The faster a vehicle can be re-titled, the less time it spends sitting at the auction.  ABS has developed methods that make this process quicker and more efficient for our customers.


Duplicate Titles

When a title is lost, unreadable or destroyed, ABS can help the lien holder or owner of record obtain a duplicate title in every state.


Lien Perfections

ABS can help companies file detailed documentation to insure that the lien on loan collateral is properly registered in the appropriate state office.


Title Corrections

ABS can help your company correct errors that are discovered on your vehicle titles so they can be registered, secured, or sold.


State Transfers

When companies operate multi-state fleets, vehicle transfers are often necessary. ABS knows how to perform your company’s State Title Transfers in a smooth and efficient way.



Why not make your annual registration renewals hassle-proof?  From our years of experience, ABS sets appropriate reminders and begins the process far enough in advance to protect you from the panic that often surrounds expiring vehicle registrations.


Title Storage Services

Far too often, we have to help our customers replace titles that have been lost or ruined.  To alleviate this recurring problem, ABS provides secure Title Storage Services in our professionally constructed, fire-protected file facility.


Sales and Leaseback

Sale-and-leaseback is a financial arrangement where one party sells a vehicle or piece of equipment to a buyer and the purchaser then leases it back to the seller. This arrangement can provide tax benefits and free up capital for other investments while allowing the initial owner to make full use of the asset. 




Title Searches

Before you purchase an asset, you want to make sure that the seller is the legal owner.  Let ABS do the necessary research to insure that there are no outstanding liens or other claims prior to your purchase.


Name Changes

It is vital that each vehicle or piece of equipment be titled under the correct company name before a transaction is complete. ABS will perform this task in any state or jurisdiction quickly and accurately.